Friday, April 14, 2006

I'm Excited!!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited!!!!!!!!! Yesterday I received a call from my local scrapbook store telling me that I had won a Basket Full of Scrapping Goodies!!!!!!!!!!! I had forgotten all about entering the drawing. The drawing was being held in celebration of the store's 6th anniversary.

I'm going to pick it up on Saturday. I live 27 miles from the store and with the price of gas ($2.89 gallon) I try to make all my trips to town count. So on Saturday, Rich and I are going to pick up my basket, visit Dad and Mae for Easter and give them some goodies, and pick up 2 little kittens that we are getting.

I'll post some photos of my basket and the kittens later on down the line.


"May the spirit of the wolf watch over you and keep you safe."

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