Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Time's Slipping Away Quickly

Wow! It's hard to believe that it is already the 15th of December.....where has this month flown?

Sunday I made a batch of Fudge and Coconut Balls. Yesterday I finally got everything prepared to make Tea Breads and Cookies today. I'll have to put that on hold until tomorrow as I need to do several errands today instead of baking.

Believe me, I'd rather be baking than running errands. Going into town is crazy.....rude people that are only focused on themselves and getting what they want.....people talking on their cell phones not only while driving but walking and not paying attention to who they run into with their shopping carts......disgruntled people because they can't find that little rodent that is so popular this season......the list goes on and on.

In my opinion.....it is time that people got back to the basics and remembered what the Christmas season is about.....it's not about who can buy the most expensive gift...it's not about who can have the most decorated house........it's not about having the latest gadgets.........it's about Jesus, family and friends!

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Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

well said sister...:)