Friday, December 04, 2009 end to the Thanksgiving Turkey.....NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm beginning to think that I will go back to being a vegetarian after dealing with the turkey I bought for Thanksgiving. It seems like I have been thawing, cutting, cooking the turkey for a month. I know I've been eating it for at least 2 weeks. Today I finally got all the meat cut off the breast section and into the freezer. I have 3 nice packages of sliced breast meat, 2 packages of mixed light and dark pieces and 8 more pints of Turkey broth to add to the packages of meat and broth already in the freezer.

I swear I got 40 pounds of meat off that 23 pound went on forever and ever.

Will I buy a 23 pound turkey for Christmas?????????????? You bettcha ya! Only this time I'll get out the pressure cooker and can that Turkey.

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