Thursday, September 06, 2007

Quilting Challenge on One Stitch At A Time and Other Things

Quilt Block using all Yellow
Quilt Block using Yellow as Main Color
Quilt Block using Yellow as Accent Color

The challenge is to make 3 quilt blocks using your least favorite color. Yellow is my least favorite color. You will find no yellow clothes in my closet as the color makes me look like death warmed over. I do have a Poppy colored Blazer that I's more orange than yellow. I wear it with a black silk blouse and either black slacks or a black skirt. The quilt pattern I used is called "Southern Pride".

I've been doing a lot of quilting lately. I've found that I have missed my sewing. I used to sew almost everyday until my Grandmother died. She is the one who started me sewing when I was 3 years old. To keep me busy while she sewed and did mending she would give me a big threaded needle, fabric and buttons. I would sit on the floor beside her and sew for hours. Later she would take me to quilting bees at the church. During high school she helped me recycle clothes and make more stylish clothes to wear. We would spend every evening cutting and stitching blouses and skirts. We would have so much fun. We laughed as much as we sewed. After I got married I continued to sew with Grandma. She made quilts for all of her grandchildren. She would get together with Aunt Della (her sister-in-law) and they would stitch quilt tops. They would then put the top, lining and backing into the quilting frames and tie them out. I was fortunate enough to inherit all my Grandma's sewing and quilting. I got a call from my uncle giving me 1 hour to pick up my Grandmother's sewing and quilting treasures or it was going to the dump. Some of my cousins think I was just being greedy because I ended up with all of Grandma's sewing and quilting treasures. I was just saving her treasures from going to the dump. I would be willing to share............all they have to do is ask. Anyway after Grandma died I lost interest in sewing and quilting. It has just been recently that I have picked my sewing and quilting back up.

I own a Singer 1425 sewing machine that Rich bought for me in 1985. It has all kinds of stitches, buttonhole maker, blind hemmer, etc. on it. I was sewing some String Quilt Blocks and it quit feeding the material through the feed dogs. I though that a belt might have broken. I took it all apart (I always do my own cleaning of the machine) to see if that was the problem. No, that wasn't the problem. The problem is the upper and lower gears that move the feed dogs are broken. The upper one is broken real bad and the lower one is pretty chewed up. They both need to be replaced. I'm not sure I can do it or not. I called a sewing machine repair place and have a appointment to take it in tomorrow. They told me that they will look at it and see if it is worth repairing and if they can find the parts. Number 1.........YES it is worth repairing. Number 2............YES parts are available. I can purchase them on 3 websites that I found on the internet. The gears run $8.95 to $15.95 each plus shipping and handling. I will not take any crap about it not being worth repairing and I need to purchase a new sewing machine from them. If I have to I will repair it myself. I'd rather have them do it if all possible.

I've been going through some of my material stash.............let's just say I could make several quilts and other items from my stash. I'm trying to part with some of it. Dad, Mae and I are having a huge yard sale here at my house on Sept. 14, 15 and 16. I'm making 1 gallon plastic bags of fabric to sell. I should go through some of my scrapbooking stash to sell.........NOT!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going through my books and putting some of them out for sale. Not my Janet Daily, Danniele Steel, LaVyrle Spencer or other series that I've been collecting over the years. Rich and I went through our Videos and DVD's and have a few that we are putting out for sale. I'm thinking about selling some of my Piggy Banks that I've collected over the years.

Off to do the dishes!!!!!! Darned things get in the way of my crafting. HMMMMMMMMM!!!!!! Maybe I can buy more paper plates! NOT

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