Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Yikes!! It's November Already!!

It's so hard to believe it's already November. Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner.

I've been busy preparing my menu for the first half of November. I've been adding more recipes that are heartier to our menu. One of the ones we love in the autumn and winter is Hearty Hamburger Chowder. As we don't eat red meat I use Morningstar Crumbles instead of hamburger. Honestly I can't tell the difference with the veggie meat instead of the hamburger I used to use to make the recipe.

Rich and I spent last Sunday night at Bobbie's. She made Potato Soup in the crockpot for dinner to serve with Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Since it had bacon Rich and I didn't want any. She was so sweet to prepare Veggie Chili instead for Rich and I. We always have a wonderful time when we spend a night with Bobbie, Mike and Heather.

On Monday afternoon before we went back home we stopped and had ice cream where Heather works. Of course Rich had to have Black Licorice and I had to have Rocky Road. It was so yummy.

November 1 - 15 Menu
We are Lacto-Ovo Vegetarians that will occasionally eat fish.

Homemade Pizza
Tacos using Morningstar Crumbles
Chicken and Dumplings using Morningstar Chicken Strips
Vegetarian Enchiladas
Chili Burgers
Biscuits and Gravy
Stuffed Peppers
Creamy Hamburger Chowder
Tuna Casserole
Salmon Patties
Beef Taco Bake
Weiner Wraps
Beef-Macaroni Skillet
French Toast
Chicken Nuggets using Morningstar Chicken Strips
Baked Fish

Off to make out my grocery list for Saturday. I've budgeted $150 for groceries this month. That includes all household items.

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