Sunday, November 05, 2006

Her Royal Highness Misty

Yesterday Rich and I went shopping for groceries. Rich had already gone to the van and I was coming out of the kittens. Rich and I have been looking for a kitten for a while. I looked into the box and there was a kitten with Siamese markings and a fuzzy black one. I started asking the man questions...........boys or girls? Both the kittens were girls. Were they part Siamese? Yes! I then picked up the kitten with Siamese markings to check her out. I checked her eyes, nose, and ears. Her eyes were clear, clean little nose, and no ear mites. I then checked out her fur. Her fur was soft and clean and no sign of fleas. I told the man I would love to have the kitten. He told me Thank You for giving her a home.

So off to the car I go with the little kitten tucked under my jacket. When I got to the van I handed her to Rich. He was so excited. He loves any kind of kittens or matter how big they are.

Now I have to go back into the store for kitten food and kitty litter. It's been a long time since I have bought pet food.

When I get back to the van...............kitten is fast asleep on Rich's chest. She knew she had found a safe home already.

Rich and I both were thinking of names for her on the way home. I had thought Misty would be cute as she has misty bluish eyes. I didn't say anything. Rich looked down at her and told the kitten that she looked like Misty to him. I told Rich that was the name I thought of too!!!! So we named her Misty. Of course Her Royal Highness goes with it.

We get home and I go in the house first and prepare a box with kitty litter. Rich brings her in and sets her down on the carpet. Shes off and running. She explores the house for a while. We show her where her potty and food are located.

After a couple of hours exploring shes tired and climbs up on Rich's lap and goes to sleep.

I'm sure there will be more adventures with Misty to come.

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