Monday, November 13, 2006

Fall Crop at Scrap101 - Last Day

Challenge #14 - To use paint or paintchips on a layout. I think I'm going to go back and stamp some designs on the 3 paint chips.
Challenge #11 - Distress your layout. Scrapp101 Friends Tanya and Robert Atkinson. I need to learn more about distressing.
Challenge #15 - Create a layout about what you are Thankful for. My awesome hubby, Rich.
Challenge #13 - Use a movie title for you layout's title - Play Misty for Me is a Clint Eastwood movie.
Challenge #12 - Use arrow(s) on a layout. Our handsome nephew, Jermaine. I will finish the arrow when I find out graduation year from Barb.

I had so much fun participating in the Fall Crop at Scrap101. I was able to get all 15 challenges done. I think I was the only one to do all 15 challenges.

Every year at Scrap101 we set a goal for how many layouts we would like to finish. This is the 2nd year that I have participated. The first year I set my goals for 100 layouts and I met that goal by June. So this year I decided to up my goal to 365 layouts.

I met my goal on Saturday. As of today I have 373 layouts done this year.

I think I will set my goal for 500 layouts next year.

I would love to thank my wonderful husband, Rich for being so understanding with me and my scrapbooking.


Thank you for being so understanding with me and my scrapbooking. You are always so excited when I show you my layouts. I also love your suggestions when I ask for help with a layout. I owe you for all the times you have patiently waited for me to shop at Michaels, Rubberstamping and Scrapbooking Too!, ect. I don't know how you put up with me always wanting to take photos no matter where we go. Remember when we went to Virginia City, NV last year and I took over 700 photos..............and we were only gone 5 days.

Love, Shirley"

Fun is over..................back to household chores.


Tanya said...

Great, great job on completing all the challenges, Shirley! I'm still so tickled over the layout you did of me and Robert... I love it! =D

Cami said...

Shirley, you so ROCKED the Crop! hehehe
that was cute doing the layout of Robert and Tanya :-)
Thanks so much for your wonerful comment on my blog today! you just feel free to scraplift away anything of mine, anytime! make sure to let me see what you do, too! I just can't believe anyone would want to scraplift anything I've done *blush* so thanks for making me feel good.
Here is the the website, I got the name popularity
Scrappy Hugs & Smiles!