Thursday, October 26, 2006

My Beautiful Niece

I thought I would share a beautiful layout that Bobbie did of my niece, Heather. Bobbie, Heather and Sara (Heather's friend) went to Lithia Park in Ashland and did a photo shoot. Bobbie did the photo shoot for Heather and Sara's graduation announcements. Bobbie took over a hundred photos. I can hardly wait to see the rest of them.

Bobbie is a wonderful photographer. She has taken some of the most beautiful portrait and landscape photos. She has a knack of taking beautiful photos of flowers too!!!

Hmmmmmmm!! I wonder if she would take a few photos of Rick and I this weekend? I would love to have a nice photo for Christmas Cards this year.


Bobbie said...

Shirley, I would love to take some photos for you. Maybe if we have time we could go to Lithia Park and take some there. So bring what you would like to wear and I'll try to get some good photos for you.

Cami said...

oh, I hope you guys got to do this! can't wait to see the pictures :)