Sunday, October 01, 2006

More Canning, Drying and Freezing Foods

Yesterday Rich and I went to visit a dear friend, Alberta. She has been like a Mom to Rich since he was in High School. Rich and her oldest son, Bill were best friends in High School. They went on a trip to San Francisco for a Science Fair together their freshman year. During the summer between their freshman and sophmore year Bill died while swimming. The believe now that he may have had a seizure.

We had a great time visiting with her and talking about numerous subjects. After leaving Alberta's we went to the local mall where Rich and I used to work several years ago. Rich worked in Security and I worked at Subway. Too many people for me............I can't stand large crowds of people.

Next stop was Bobbie and Mike's. We had a good visit with them. Miss Heather came home and we visited with her. We then went out and picked Concord Grapes, Italian Prune Plums and Tomatoes. Yum, Yum!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bobbie also gave us some beautiful Bell Peppers.

So today I started preserving my goodies. I was able to get 7 quarts of pure Concord Grape Juice. I have a juicer and I ran them thru it..........the juice is so thick. Next I worked with the Plums. I have 4 trays of plums drying. I cut them into quarters so they would dry quicker. I then made 4 pints of prune puree to put in the freezer for cooking or pies. Dad loves Moon pies with Prune Filling.

Tomorrow I will can my grape juice, work more on the plums, tomatoes and bell peppers. Did I mention that I got potatoes on one get one free. So with the potatoes I bought last shopping trip I now have 35 pounds of potatoes to use. I think I'll try drying some as soon as the plums are finished. I also bought 10 pounds of onions to preserve.

Later, as I got to get to bed.

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Anita said...

I can potatoes. We just peel them and quarter them and stuff the jars, then add a bit of salt and some water and pressure can them. They're great just opened and warmed up, or you can drain the water off and use them for mashed potatoes. Also like to cube some and freeze them, makes for a very quick and easy veggie soup. :)