Monday, September 18, 2006

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I WANT: to live long enough to sit on the front porch with Rich and remember the olden days.
I HAVE: a husband who loves me unconditionally.
I WISH: that there was world wide peace and we wouldn't have to be afraid of terrorists.
I HATE: being ripped off at the gas stations.
I MISS: my best friend Danny, who died from complications of ALS.
I HEAR: nothing. It's quiet in the house.
I WONDER: who is going to read this and be tagged.
I REGRET: a few things in my life. But I know I can't go back and change anything.
I AM NOT: a smoker and I don't drive fast anymore.
I DANCE: like nobody else in this world.
I SING: while listening to the radio or CD player when scrapping.
I CRY: too much.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: in the mood to be sociable.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: all kinds of crafts, home cooked meals and scrapbook layouts.
I WRITE: with a medium point pen.
I CONFUSE: myself.
I NEED: to hurry up and finish this as it's bedtime.
I SHOULD: exercise more.
I START: crafting and don’t want to stop. LOL
I FINISH: ed with this right now.

Consider yourself tagged!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cami said...

Great answers Shirley and it's always great to read more about you :)
I did mine a while ago if you want to read it at

Have A Happy Scrappy Day!!

Tanya said...

Loved it, Shirley! =)