Friday, July 14, 2006


I ran across this photo of a little Mutt. It reminds me so much of my little friend, Bandit. We got Bandit at a flea mart when he was about 6 weeks old. He was a fluffy little ball of fur in brown and white. He had the cutest little black mask around his naturally we named him Bandit.

Bandit was quite a see it ended up that we didn't own Bandit - he owned us. He thought store bought dog food should belong to somebody else. He thought he should eat exactly what Rich and I special food for him.

It was a crime to think that he might sleep in a dog bed...............his rightful place to sleep at night was on the end of our bed. When Rich was working graveyard............he slept on Rich's pillow and loved to snuggle under the covers. He picked out his favorite place to sleep on the couch...........and heaven forbid if anyone happened to sit there. One time Mom and Dad was visiting us when we lived in South Lake Tahoe, CA. Mom sat on the end of the couch. She asked me why Bandit was staring at her so much. I told her that he felt that was his sleeping spot. Later, when Mom got up to do guessed it! Bandit jumped up on his spot and slept the rest of the afternoon............occasionally looking at Mom as if to say: This is my spot and don't sit on it again.

Bandit also had his own quilt with his name embroidered on it that my sister, Sandy made for him and a miniature afghan that I had crocheted for him. He owned a personalized collar with matching leash.

Bandit and I would go for a walk............when he got tired he sat down and wouldn't budge. No matter what I tried...........he would just sit there with his big brown eyes and refuse to move. I would have to pick him up and carry him back to the house.

It's been over 10 years since Bandit crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. He's up there watching over us and keeping us safe.


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Cami said...

cute lil doggie :)