Thursday, July 13, 2006

I miss you my dear friend, Danny

I miss you my dear friend, Danny. I miss your smiling eyes, shy sense of humor, funny jokes and stories you would email, little cards you sent that let me know you were thinking of me, picnics in the middle of winter, nature walks, the list goes on and on.

I miss those times when we would just sit and listen to music..........the golden oldies or Native did'nt matter. Mom told me that the last two weeks of your life you listened to the Native American CD I gave you 24 hours a day. I hope my dear friend that you found comfort in that CD..............I know I always feel close to you when I listen to the CD now.

Yes, I miss you so much. I realize that now you are in no pain from ALS, you are not suffering the horrible nightmares that plagued you since you returned from Vietnam, no more are the feelings you had about being rejected, no longer no being able to speak, sing, dance, and do all the things that you lost from the complications of ALS.

Take care my friend.

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Cami said...

{hugs Shirley}