Wednesday, August 03, 2011

A Salute to Our Heroes

Last Saturday Rich and I went to Sutherlin, Oregon to see The Traveling Wall. We had watched as The Traveling Wall was escorted thru the VA Hospital in Roseburg on Wednesday. It was escorted by numereous police and fire departments, several hundred bikers and old time cars. It was a beautiful sight to see. It was so sad to see all the names on the wall. It was also sad to think of all the men and women that have died after the wars.

After seeing The Traveling Wall we went just south of Sutherlin to view The Healing Field of Southern Oregon. There was 1,750 flags on display in the field. There was also some displays to view.

As we was standing for a moment of silence in front of the above display.....I could feel our friend, Danny looking down upon us from heaven. He told us that he loved us and one day we would all be together once more. I stood there crying for Danny and all the other heroes that have lost their lives defending our country.

Danny was a Vietnam Veteran. He didn't die in the war....he died of complications of ALS in 2004. When he was diagnosed he was told that there was a 60 percent chance that it had been caused by being exposed to Agent Orange that he had been exposed to in Vietnam.

Danny's name will not be on The Wall....he was one of the men and women who have died years after the war has ended!

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