Monday, October 04, 2010

Sunday I received a package from Gina at CaT nAp PrimITiVes. I had ordered one of her Halloween pillow from her Etsy store. It is the Halloween Kitty. Rich decided he wanted it placed where he could see it from his he placed it on one of the shelves of the entertainment center.

The Wolf eyes block and the POW/MIA block were a complete surprise for me. Gina said she was inspired from reading my blog about the Memory Quilt I am making that she made the blocks for me. It is so wonderful to have such a thoughtful blogger friend......this wasn't the first time she has surprised me with little extras!

The baskets of apples are ones that I recently made for myself. They are handsewn. I found the sticks for the stems when we was watching the Pioneer Days parade in August. Rich helped me cut them with the garden shears into the proper lengths for my apples. I also have some pears that I'm working on...hope to have them finished soon.

You can find Gina's blog on the side of my blog. She has oodles of goodies to look at and you can find the websites for the various sites she sells her crafts.

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Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I love your apples that you made..and I love where Rich put the pillow..what a sweetheart..give that man a hug for me..thanks for the wonderful "plugs" you give my blog.;) have a wonderful week ahead my dear friend.:)