Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sister's 35th Annual Quilt Show

North Umpqua River

North Umpqua River

Pinnacle on North Umpqua River above the town of Glide

Rich making a bottle of his Starbuck's Iced Coffee

Sweet Shop Quilt

This quilt was pieced and quilted by 11 and 13 year old sisters

Running Wild Horses

The Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show quilt

As we headed back to Bend to our motel around 1pm....traffic was backed up for over 5 miles going into Sisters

Bronze Stallion that greets you in the town square

Old wooden wagon full of flowers displays a beautiful quilt

There was several baskets of these beautiful flowers hanging all over town

Center of the Rodeo Quilt

Rodeo Quilt. I loved this quilt as it reminds me of my best friend, Danny when he used to ride bulls in the rodeo

Raggedy Ann embroidery

Raggedy Ann embroidery

I loved this Raggedy Ann quilt with all the redwork embroidery. It reminds me of all the beautiful embroidery work that my blogging friend, Gina does so beautifully

Fractured Star Center

Fractured star quilt

John Deere Quilt

Rich bought himself a Army cap. All proceeds go toward making and sending Care packages to the soldiers overseas

The colors of this quilt remind me of the soldiers of the Civil War

Boot Scootin' Quilt

Nappin' Kitties quilt

Partridge in a pear tree

New York Beauty with African Animals

Rich standing beside the Quilted Van

People and quilts as far as the eye can see

Navy and teal quilt

Closeup of the Betty Boop Quilt

Closeup of the Betty Boop quilt

Lavender, Burgundy and Rust quilt

Beautiful Flower Star

Sisters Fireman quilt

Bright Star

My favorite quilt! As most of you know now I have a passion for wolves. This quilt was simple yet awesome.

Western quilt

Window scene of a river

Flower Star

New York Beauty

Bird Nest Quilt

Seminole style quilt



Another Star quilt

I wanna be a dalmation quilt

Cranes or egrets quilt



Saddle, Rope and Boots


Rich standing in front of a Jar Quilt. We took this photo so Rich could prove to his fellow employees that he did attend the quilt show and that he did not stay in the motel while I visited the show

Christmas Quilt

Christmas quilt

Christmas Angels

Pine Tree Quilt

Start of the Quilt Show

Traffic backed up about 1/2 mile at 8am. Quilt show didn't officially start until 9:30am

Sisters signpost

We stopped at Safeway in Bend for some ice before heading to Sisters. Rick decided to make him some Starbuck's Iced Coffee.

Diamond Lake

North Umpqua River

No matter what road you travel down in Oregon.......you're going to have road construction.

Rich and I left around 7am on Friday for the Sisters 35th Annual Outdoor Quilt Show. We had reservations in Bend, Oregon for the weekend. It is about a half hour drive to Sisters from Bend.

Of course our internal alarm clocks woke us at 4am. I told Rich I was so excited that today was the big day! His response: He rolled over and went back to sleep. I was so excited I only catnapped until 6:30am and then had to get up.

We arrived in Sisters around 8am and parked. We started out following the rest of the crowd headed for the show. There was people and quilts everywhere you looked. There was all colors, shapes, sizes and designs. I'm told there was over 1300 quilts on display this year. I know that we didn't even see half of them.

After a while we got hungry and went to the food court and had lunch at a van called Burgerville. Rich ordered 2 burgers and 2 drinks and it was almost $13. We ate our lunch in the shade at the park. As we was leaving we ran into our sister-in-law, Cinthie and some of her friends. I got to meet Elaine....we had been internet friends for years but had never met in person. Elaine is a good friend of Jerry and Cinthies and lives in Prineville.

We continued our journey of looking at all the beautiful quilts.

Rich found a place that was selling Military merchandise. The proceeds went to make and send Care Packages to soldiers overseas. Rich bought himself a Army cap.

Around 1pm I felt I had pushed myself to my limit. I told Rich that I couldn't go any farther. We walked back to the car and headed back to Bend.

The traffic was backed up over 5 miles going into Sisters.

We spent the rest of the day and evening in our cool room just relaxing.

On Sunday morning we headed back home. We stopped a few places to get out and walk. We arrived home around noon. Our kitty, Misty was happy to see us. She heard our car coming up the driveway and was waiting for us at the door.

All in all we had a wonderful weekend. I want to Thank my hubby, Rich for being such a good sport and helping me fulfill my dream.


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love all the talent in those quilts..betcha can't guess which one is my favorite.;)

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