Friday, February 19, 2010

My New Toy!!!!!!!

Yesterday I happened to be in Joann's and found the perfect sewing machine! I thought long and hard about buying a sewing/embroidery machine.....and finally decided not to buy one. I decided on the Singer Confidence 7467. It has over 70 stitches and other features. It has my favorite stitch.......stretch stitch. I use it a lot when making clothing for Rich and I. I was lucky that they were having a sale and it was $100 off.....making it a good buy.

Of course, I had to buy several yards of fabric too! Didn't have too much fabric to use with the new machine............Yeah right, Shirley who are you trying to fool!!!!

I bought several cat fabrics so I can finish the Square in Square quilt blocks featuring a different cat fabric for each center. It's hard to find cat fabrics at our small Joann's that I don't already have in my stash. Sometime next week we are going into Medford and I will go to the big Joann's located there. That store is 3-4 times bigger than our Joann's in Roseburg. I can't wait to cruise through all the calicos and other fabrics.

I need to go and look at my sales flyer and see what else I can't live without. LOL!!!!!!!!

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Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Shirley I am sorry you didn't get the sewing/embroidery would have been addicted for sure...they are spendy little buggers though aren't they? I would love a new one..but until business improves on my end.ain't happening..I can't wait to see what you come up with with your new machine...I love this machines..:) have a great weekend sewing...:) and be sure to show us the fabrics that you choose..:)