Saturday, June 06, 2009

Stacy and Florin's Wedding

Today Rich and I attended our neice, Stacy's wedding. It also happened that it would have been Rich's Dad and Mom's 60th Anniversary. Rich lost his Mom in 1975. Also Dad told Rich that 65 years ago he was in England waiting with his company to deploy and land on Utah beach.

I didn't get too many photos as the lighting was really low. Rich, Stacey's Dad was taking lots of photos and he said he would upload them online for everyone. Also, Meagan, another niece said she would share photos with everyone. We will be able to order from the photographer too!

The wedding colors were Chocolate and Red. Most of the flowers were red roses with chocolate ribbons. I was able to bring home some of the silk rose petals that had been strewn down the isle. I will use them on my scrapbook pages. Rich thought they were real rose petals.....he didn't realize they were silk so he couldn't understand why I wanted them.

The reception was lovely. There was a buffet with fruits, veggies, dips and tortilla rolls. They were yummy. They were turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, cream cheese mixed with deviled ham rolled up in flour tortillas and cut into slices. Rich loved the fresh strawberries.....they make him sneeze 3-4 times when he first eats them.

The cake was lovely. It was done in red roses and white frosting. There was red roses in vases on the sides.

Stacy's wedding dress was beautiful It had 3/4 sleeves and a layered skirt with chocolate ribbons down the back. The wedding party ladies was dressed in chocolate dresses and the men was dressed in black suits with chocolate vests.

After a long and tiring day we arrived home this evening around 7pm.

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