Thursday, July 03, 2008

Many Faces of Misty

Rich holding Misty outside on the porch.
Misty checking out my treadmill.
Whenever I am taking photos of my quilt tops Misty thinks she has to give them her seal of approval.
Misty hiding in her play toy she got as one of her Christmas presents.
Misty checking out the Christmas ornaments. She thought she was hiding so I couldn't see her.
Taking a nap on my craft desk. I hadn't opened the curtain yet so she climbed under the curtain and covered up with it.
Taking a cat nap on our bed.
Misty posing on my Christmas quilt top.
Misty checking out something on the floor from her perch.
Misty having one of her several catnaps each day.
Believe it or not.......this is her favorite position to take one of her catnaps.
Misty loves the color red.......the little teddy ornament had a red Santa hat on.....she thought it was fun to bat it and watch it swing back and forth.
Misty looking at some cherries after she put her little paw in the box and pulled them out.
Peeking through the curtains while laying on my craft desk.
She seems to be thinking........Put that camera where the sun doesn't shine!!!!!!!!!!!!
Taking a bath.
Sound asleep laying on her back.
Curled up on the sofa pillows.
Misty settling down in a box of my fabrics to take a catnap.

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