Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's Been A While

Bonnie Hunter's Orange Crush Mystery Quilt that I have finished. Just have to do borders and quilt.

It's been a while since I last blogged. I went out and got a job at a bakery/deli at one of our local grocery stores. I thought I was being hired to help at the counter, do cake decorating and make sandwiches. It turned out I was hired to do all the dirty pots and pans, take out 5-33 gallon trash bags, sweeping, mopping, cleaning the fryers and every other nasty job they could inflict on me. I hardly ever got to work on the counters, make sandwiches and never got to help with cake decorating. I was taking 15-20 Extra Strength Advil every day just to make it thru my shifts.

So, I quit! Didn't give a notice......just walked in and quit! This is not like me as I have never done that in my life with a job. I have always given notices. This job just pushed me to far and I couldn't stand it another day.

So, I'm unemployed and will be out looking for another job tomorrow. I'm going back to the Truck Stop and ask for my old job back in the Deli. At least there, I worked the counter and register. We had to sweep and mop a very small area and take out 2 kitchen size trash bags. We did not have to do any dishes.........they all went down to the dish room and the dishwasher did them for us. I guess I had it good and didn't realize it. Anyway I'm going to talk to my old supervisor and see if he might has a opening for me. It will be full time work. I will have insurance and other benefits by working full time.

I've been busy doing my crafts. I recently finished 12 Dotee dolls for a swap. We was to make one to represent each month of the year. I had a lot of fun making mine. I also received my box of 12 Dotee dolls from Robin in Virginia. They are so cute. She named each one of them. I will take photos and upload them later. Rich and I both loved the one for March.......she called her Patio McFurniture. She has green hair, clothes and accessories. Robin said that her husband helped design her and named her.

I've also been quilting. I have my Orange Crush Mystery Quilt top finished. I now need to sew the blocks for the borders. After finishing the borders I need to quilt it. I've been practicing machine quilting on smaller quilts......just don't know if I can do a queen size quilt on my small machine. I might just tack it out. I really need to get busy and finish some of my quilts. I have several of them in various stages of completion. I have them all in boxes labeled and stored in the corner of my dining area.

Talk to everyone later.


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Anonymous said...

I've never heard of Dottie Dolls, can't wait to see your pic!

That job sounded crummy! I bet you got near minimum wage too. Glad you quit. Good luck on the new job hunt!