Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cool mornings.........Warm afternoons!

I can tell it's Autumn. It's cool in the morning and warm in the afternoons. Mother Nature is putting on her multi-colored coat. The changing of the leaves is so beautiful. All the golds, reds, browns, rusts, and oranges..........the colors of Autumn.

Last week we had to go into Medford for my doctor appointment at the rhuemotologist. We stopped by one of the produce farms in Central Point on our way home. I bought some strange looking gourds for a centerpiece for the table. Everything was decorated with scarecrows, pumpkins, Indian Corn ( or am I supposed to say Native American Corn to be politically correct?), and lots of other things. The photos above are ones I took that day.
I've been doing well with my weight loss. I've lost 35 pounds so goal is to lose 1-2 pounds per week. I hope to reach my goal by July 24, 2008. My rhuemotologist was a bit surprised that I had lost 15 pounds since I had seen him in September.
I starting to be able to wear my smaller clothes that I have tucked away in drawers and my closet. I decided that when my clothes get too baggy I'm going to recycle them. I'm not going to keep them in my drawers and closet like a crutch..........knowing that I can go back to them if I gain weight. Nope...............I'm getting rid of them.
Canning and preserving is slowing down for the season. I only have apples left to can this weekend. We have been enjoying some of the fruits of our labor already. The pears, peaches, cherries, vegetable soup and jellies are so tasty. I need to sit down and write out exactly what I bought and how many jars I canned this year. I can do a inventory before next canning season starts and know what I need to can.
I started a afghan as a winter project a week or so ago............thinking I would have something to work on during the evenings. Yeah right! I've already finished crocheting it. I just have to tuck in some ends and it will be finished. I'll post a photo when it's done. Now I have to find another project to work on in the evenings. Maybe I'll cut out a few quilt blocks and hand-stitch them in the evenings. That might keep my busy for a few evenings. Rick said its so funny to watch me just trying to sit still and watch TV. I just can't do it..........I start twitching and getting restless. It gets so bad he will tell me to go find something to do.

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