Thursday, September 08, 2005

Summer Days and Autumn Nights

It seems that here in the Northwest that we are starting to change into Autumn. The days are still hot but the nights are getting cool.

I love this time of the year. It's the time of the year to make sure you're pantry is ready for winter. Rich and I both grew up in families that depended on the timber industry for their income. At times, the mills would close during the winter months..........and the unemployment checks didn't cover everything. So we both learned to be prepared for winter. Even if you can't freeze or can fresh veggies and can buy a few extra cans of fruit and veggies at the store when it's on sale.

Rich and I recently bought a small freezer. With the prices of gas.........groceries prices are bound to go up sooner or later. So we are freezing fresh veggies and fruits for winter. We haven't done a lot of canning this year........but we are freezing blackberry juice to make blackberry jelly later.

Speaking of blackberries!!!!!!!!!! Dad and Mae showed up this afternoon with one and a half gallons of fresh picked blackberries from their back yard. So as you can imagine no scrapbooking for me today.

Not only did I have the blackberries to juice and freeze. I had a dozen ears of corn to prepare for the freezer that I had bought at the produce market.

It might be work now to get the veggies and fruits in the freezer.............this winter they sure will taste good.

HMMMMMMMMMM! I wonder if Bobbie will have any extra Concord grapes this year??????? I better check and see.


Michelle said...

oh yummy.. reminds me of when I was a kid and my grandmother had her huge garden..all the veggies and the watermelons we got out of there. The best food ever. Thanks for the memories Shirley. I enjoyed reading this.

Layla said...

I canned today for the first time Shirley! It is super fun! We might do grape jelly tomorrow but for sure doing chicken soup!