Thursday, September 15, 2005

My Birthday

I had the most wonderful birthday weekend. It started out with me getting my stitches out after 4 weeks. For those who don't know I had a mole removed from my back......they had to go back in and remove more as there was a tail on the abnormal (no cancer) cells and they didn't get it all the first time.

We met Dad and Mae at Skipper's for a birthday lunch for both Rich and I. Rich and I had called Dad and Mae and invited them to lunch....but Dad wouldn't go unless he could pay for the meal for our birthdays. Dad always told us that if you invited somebody out to paid. I reminded him of his rule........he told me that he had already planned to take us out for lunch so he was paying. After lunch Rich and I went shopping. We bought a card reader for our camera and a 512mb card. Now I won't run out of room for photos.

Rich was still being mysterious about what he had bought for my birthday. He asked me if I would like to stop at the LSS and spend the $25 shopping spree I had for filling my punch card. We stopped at the LSS and as I started to get out of the pickup........Rich handed me $50 and told me....."Happy Birthday, enjoy your shopping spree!!!!"

I shopped until I almost dropped!!!!!!!!!!

I bought Wild Asparagus paper and embellishments, SEI paper, brads, eyelets, stickers, Jolee's Scrabble embellishments, patterned paper and cardstock. I almost bought the Silent Setter........but I love my hammer too much. I bought everything I wanted and still have birthday money left.......I'm going to save it for vacation.

Paulette also gave me 25% off one item for my birthday.

After shopping we went home and watched DVD's and ordered pizza for dinner. I had the most enjoyable day for my birthday......but it wasn't over yet.

Thursday morning Rich let me sleep in.......then we went to Wildlife Safari (a drive-thru game park) and had lunch at the White Rhino. We then drove through the game park and took lots of photos........308 to be exact .

I had a wonderful birthday thanks to Rich, my family and my wonderful scrapbook friends at Scraphappy101.

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Michelle said...

what a great birthday! so glad you had such a great time.