Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves!!!!!!!!!!

We all have Pet Peeves........some more than others..........some less than others.

One of my all-time Pet Peeves is Grocery Baggers.........putting non-food and food items in the same plastic or paper bag.

Whatever happened to plain ole' COMMON SENSE when it comes to bagging groceries.

Today I went shopping for a few items. The nightmare of grocery bagging started off with the first 2 items the clerk pushed down to the young lady bagging..........a pint of cottage cheese and a container of laundry booster. Yep, you guessed it!!!!!!!! She threw them into the same bag. I reached over and removed the cottage cheese and politely told her that I would prefer to bag my own groceries............Thank You!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, you guessed it!! She coped a attitude and asked me what she did wrong. I told her that I didn't like non-food and food items in the same bag together. She looked at me with the "Well, Duh!!!!!!!!" and went over to the next checkstand and proceeeded start putting whatever she grabbed into the bags to fill them.

After paying and bagging my groceries...........I go out to the pickup where hubby is standing and smoking. He tells me............"Oh, I see from the look on your face that they didn't bag your groceries the way you like again." I told Rich that I should start my own business.........Training Grocery Baggers.

Well, I better get off my soapbox and get busy scrapping.

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Bobbie said...

That's too funny. I have the same pet peeve. They just don't get why I don't want the mouse poison in with my candy bars!