Saturday, August 27, 2005

Living in the Country

One of my dreams has been to live in the country. I'm just a country girl at heart. Recently Rich and I purchased a mobile home in the foothills of Myrtle Creek, Oregon. It is so quiet and peaceful. The other night Rich and I was sitting on the porch with the light out watching all the stars. We heard some rustling in the grass upon the hillside behind our home. Rich shined the flashlight and we saw the most beautiful deer. I just don't understand how anyone could hunt and kill such a beautiful animal. We haven't seen them but we have heard coyotes and wild turkeys. We also was told that there is bear and cougars in the area.


Layla said...

Ack on the bears!!!! LOL I have heard Oregon is beautiful and I talked seriously with my husband just last week about us moving there one day.

Michelle said...

Glad you found someplace so nice. Enjoy the country life!