Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Bobbie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to my oldest little sister! I know I tease you a lot about wanting to trade you in for a seal when you were a baby......Awe shucks.....I think I got the better deal. I got a wonderful sister and a best friend! Hope you have a wonderful birthday, Sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. When Bobbie was born in Crescent City, California I had to wait in the waiting room because I wasn't old enough to go in and see Mom and Bobbie. The hospital sits on the beach and you could see seals and sea lions frolicking in the surf. After being an only child for 11 1/2 years I was used to having a crying baby in the house. So I asked Dad if we could take her back and get one of the seals instead....they weren't noisy like Bobbie. LOL!!!! By the way, Dad told me that they didn't take trade-ins for the seals so we had to keep Bobbie!

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