Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I've had a Food Storage Rotation System on my Wishlist for a long time. After dropping another can of food on my foot again while trying to get a can out of the pantry..........I decided to splurge!

The above photo is the system I just ordered. It was on sale at 25% off and had free shipping. Since it was being shipped from Utah I imagine I saved a lot on shipping.

I can't wait to get the new system. Of course, we have to put it together. Sounds like a project for Laurel and Hardy Construction Company. That's what Rich and I call ourselves when we are assembling one of those easy projects. Yep...we're a barrel of monkeys with lots of laughs when we are working on a project.

With the new system I won't have to stack cans 3-4 deep in my pantry....they will always be rotated without having to empty pantry and then stack it again.

Can't wait until my new system arrives and it all put together.

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Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I;ve seen these in person last october..there was a distributor selling them here..they are pretty nice..can't wait to see yours all decked out.:)