Thursday, January 21, 2010

Liquid Hand Soap

I've been trying to find ways to cut more cost from my household purchases. One thing we really like is liquid hand soap. We have it in both the kitchen and the bathroom. Even finding it on sale and using a coupon (when available) it can cost any where from 79 - 99 cents for a 8.5 ounce bottle.

I did some research on the internet and found several recipes. Most called for 1 bar hand soap, distilled water, glycerin and honey. I finally found a site where all they used was 1 bar soap and distilled water.

I sat and shredded my bar of Dial Soap that I had bought on sale. I paid $1.99 for 8 bars........equals out to 25 cents per bar. Then I brought 4 cups of distilled water ( you can use water that you just let stand in open container overnight) to a boil. I slowly blended in my shredded soap; stirring each addition until it melted. After it was melted I took off the stove and let set for about 15 minutes. I added 3 more cups of water and I took my hand mixer and whipped it until it looked like whipped cream. Then I let it cool for about an hour. Then I poured into a 5-quart plastic ice cream bucket. I whipped it up again. I let it sit overnight covered with lid. When I checked it this morning it was a little stiff on top. I took my hand held whip and blended it. It was the consistency of beaten eggs.

I poured it into 6 empty liquid soap containers that I had saved. They were 8.5 ounce containers.

So adding up costs........25 cents for bar of soap and $1.00 for electricity and water. Each container of liquid soap cost a little over 20 cents each.

Now........the test!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder what Rich is going to say about the liquid soap.


Bobbie said...

Just do what Grandma used to do, use the original container and don't tell! LOL

Shirley said...

She was notorious for doing exactly that. I remember one time when Coletta and Lee was visiting. Grandma was making oatmeal for breakfast. Lee told her that he was so happy she used them Quaker Oats and not Welfare Oats that Coletta and Aunt Mag tried to feed him. Grandma didn't say a word.......the oats were Welfare Oats that Coletta and Aunt Mag had given her. She just put them into a Quaker Oat box. She said that she could hardly contain herself from laughing. She went ahead and served his oats......while he kept praising them Quaker Oats.