Friday, August 28, 2009

Plain and Fancy Glassware

Yesterday on Gina's blog she posted about her everyday and special dishes. I made a comment about how I loved old dishes........actually I got carried away and wrote a small book in her comments. She emailed me and asked me to post some of my dishes. I can post a few.....most of my glassware that I have collected over the years is packed away in storage. I hope to get it out soon. Anyway I have posted a few photos.

The place setting is our everyday dishes and silverware. They are sitting on a tablerunner that I made.

I love my collection of Cobalt blue.....I found the Arizona Tea Bottle on the side of the road coming home from Reno, Nevada. The tall round vase or glass was given to me by a friend......he was using it for a drinking glass. I admired it and told him I collected Cobalt Blue glass and he gave it to me. I have 3 of the snowflake jars. I recently found the shot glass at a yard sale in a free box. The tall blue bottle is full of Oregon rain water.....Rich found it at the store one day and bought it for me. He also brought home the small Guarana bottle from of his co-workers was throwing it away and Rich asked for it. The vase with the clear glass surrounding the neck was found at a yard sale. I have several more pieces that are packed away.

The rest of the photos are Floragold glassware made in the 1950's. All of this dishware is packed away so I found some photos online to let you see their beauty. The set belonged to my Mother-in-law. She received it from her secret sister at church in the 50's. After she died my sister-in-law inherited it. One day she called Rich and asked if he wanted the old dishes that had been Mom's. Rich told her he would be there right away to pick them up. When we arrived she had them stacked in a box (with out being wrapped) on the porch. We wrapped them with care and took them home. We had already found some of the pieces that were being thrown out to be burned. Another story!

We have a service of 6 luncheon plates, 6 bowls, 6 saucers, 6 bread plates, 6 - 8 ounce tumblers, 6 - 12 ounce tumblers, pitcher, pair of candlesticks, salt and pepper shakers with original tops, cream and sugar bowl, candy dishes, 2 sizes of serving bowls, butter dish and some other small pieces. My sister-in-law kept the sandwich platter.....Rich is still trying to get it from her.

Also packed away is my china. It is white with a black band and silver edge. I have a set of 12. I bought it when Safeway was promoting it in the early 80's.

I have lots of other glassware packed away. I have Fire King teacups and saucers, various patterns of china teacups and saucers, Berry bowl and 8 small serving bowls, Cranberry Red from Avon and numerous other pieces of old glass. Mom and Dad worked the flea mart circuit for over 30 years. During that time she collected numerous sets of glassware for my 3 sisters and myself.

Mom collected glassware for herself, too!!! She collected an extensive set of all kinds of Forrest Green, Cobalt Blue, Reds and Pink. After she died we packed it in several boxes to one day be divided between us the meantime it is at Dad's in a closet.

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