Thursday, April 03, 2008

A Little of This and a Little of That Today

Disappearing Nine-Patch Quilt Top
Square in Square Quilt Top
Easter Bouquet

I've been working on several quilt tops lately. The two above are the latest ones that I have finished. They are Disappearing Nine-Patch and a Square in Square. I have to purchase the batting and backing for them. I've been thinking about using two quilt as the front and one as the backing.........this would make them reversible. It would save me from having to purchase backing. LOL

Rich and I had a wonderful Easter. Yes, the Easter Bunny brought Rich a hollow Milk Chocolate Bunny just like he ordered. We didn't have a regular Easter dinner........we had munchies! Slices of ham and turkey, slices of cheddar and swiss cheese, chips and dip, crackers, olives, and pickles. No dessert as we had our Easter Basket Goodies.

The garden is doing well even with the light frosts we have been getting. We are looking forward to fresh veggies. We should be having fresh green onions soon. The radishes and peas seem to grow everyday. I'm going to have to stake the peas soon as I don't want them falling over. They are the kind that doesn't get very tall. Staking them will keep the peas up off the ground and cleaner. Hopefully I have gotten rid of the snails and slugs that was trying to eat my cabbage plants. I hate using chemicals on my garden.....but it was either the snails and slugs or my cabbage plants...........the cabbage plants won.

Talk to ya later!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cami said...

Shirley, your quilts are just too beautiful! how cool that you found one in your Grandmas things, that is really special to have I'm sure. I absolutely love handmade gifts and I think your family will cherish them as well. And I think most all people would. A friend and I had a similar discussion recently about finding some homemade quilts at a garage sale, ....why would anyone sell anything that was handmade for them by someone... is just crazy, I don't get it!
Beautiful flowers in your garden! I'm glad to hear you are having a lovely spring :)