Monday, June 25, 2007

Canning Season

It's canning time again at our home. We went Saturday morning to a friend's house and picked 30 pounds of sweet cherries. As you can see Misty decided that the little red balls were playtoys. The top box I had already she reached into the bottom box and pulled out a couple of cherries. She had fun rolling them on top of the freezer . Then she decided to get a cherry out of a bucket that Rich had set on the floor. She rolled it all over the kitchen and hall floors. Rich and I laughed and laughed at her antics with the cherries.
I canned 42 pints of cherries in a light syrup on Saturday and Sunday. This morning I made 7 pints of cherry jam. Will upload photos of finished products later.
Rich and I bought 23 pounds of apricots to can this afternoon. We are planning on canning them Wednesday. Since Misty gets us up at 4am even if it's vacation time we should have time to get them canned before I go to Ladie's Bible Study at 1pm. We will finish them up when I get back and make at least 1 batch of jam.

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